Are You Planning for Canada: when to Visit Canada?

Summer season is the best season to visit Canada, because in winter days road conditions in Canada could be dangerous. There is a snow flake inside a mountain.

The early May is best for Canada trip until the end of September. In Canada there is always a risk of snowflakes, avalanches, mudslides, washouts and flooding, so be aware if you are travelling in Canada through mountain areas.

Canada has generally four different seasons and seven climate zones and it gets colder when you travel more to north. You can get moderate climate when you are close to the ocean. But further away from the ocean you will get extreme temperature- hot summer/cold winter

Spring season in Canada- you will see bears on the roadside, Migration of whales. Your trip will be wonderful in Canada at spring season.

You can enjoy best road trip in Canada in summer season. Experience the outdoor activity: camping, bike riding, fishing, golfing and many more.

There is no Mosquito’s in Canada especially in autumn season and there is a beautiful view of the great salmon run.

In Canada Experience dog sledding in winters. But there is lots of risk in winter to visit Canada. So avoid visit Canada in winters.

Still each season has its charm. It depend on you what you want to see and do in Canada. You can enjoy it in your way in your favourite season. Many people visit to Canada just to see its vast and rugged landscape.

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